Carmina De Clare, a seventeen year old girl was a badass and not afraid to let people know. She had run the streets long before and held the title Valkyrie like the Norse goddess. It was something she earned for being one of the strongest fighters in the streets. The title was the only thing she had. She had a mother who was too wrapped up in a man who was never going to return to them—her father. Shipped off to a barren land in the middle of nowhere Carmina was devastated.


Maxwell Stone was one of the of the seven werewolf kings on the council. He was the leader–only acting when a vote was needed. He had the largest territory and most powerful pack out of all the kings—then again, he’d been alive the longest. There were whispers that the time of the immortals were over. Each year the wolves’ life span shorten and it worried the council. Had they done something to offend the destroyer?


Challenged and wanting to prove herself, Carmina participated in a fight that went just a bit too far. The ending result was dead body. She did what any normal person would—she ran. Maxwell got word that one of his wolves was defeated in a battle by an ordinary human. There were those who said her movements weren’t human at all. It didn’t sit well with him. He sought to find the human. When these two meet, their worlds collide.


Discover the love between these two as they find out that neither is who they are—and the secrets of the immortals.

Release Date


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