Dragon’s Fury

Dragons Fury IIDragonault Chronicles: Book II

YA Romance/Fantasy 

Just when she started to grasp an understanding of her supernatural heritage, Layla gets kidnapped by a sea-god. Trapped in a prison under the sea she doesn’t know what move to make. Her heart ached for the Dragon King—her mate. It was only the beginnings of her troubles; dark dreams plagued her and she feared that she was slowly losing her sanity and a part of herself. Layla knew that she must use her wits to stay ahead of the dangerous game the sea-god played.


Emry was the King of the dragon race. After a millennium he finally found his mate. Entrusting her care to the elders, he was stunned by a great betrayal. It left him with fury, heartache and a thirst for vengeance. Preparing for a war strange voices filled his mind urging him to go to the temple of Anshar; there the answer lies to defeat the sea-god that kidnapped his mate.

Join Emry and Layla as they face gods, hunters, and more to reunite with one another. The two must move quickly for an ancient evil is on the rise. It’s been trapped for eons and it’s looking for a new power source—time is running out.


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