Heart of Darkness


 Sarah Hilton had a past that was catching up to her; for that reason she avoided men at all cost. The only friend she had in her corner was Christina, and now that she was planning an upcoming wedding and raising a family, Sarah felt a little left behind. Still it unsettled her that playboy Collum Davenport was giving her so much attention. Breaking through his façade was one of the many things she wanted to do to him. Summoned back home due to an assassination attempt, Sarah would have to learn to keep her friends close, her enemies closer and lovers at arm’s length.

Collum Davenport was a player and he knew it. Gone was the fumbling teen who worked hard to please the girl. Gone were the innocent blushes, and stammering that always occurred. Instead he rebuilt himself to be confident, sexy, and sleek. He learned from his pal Matt to command every situation and never lose control. He was in for a major surprise, when he met a blue eyed leggy blonde. The woman gave him a run for his money. He knew not to trust her. Women were all the same…spiteful bitches who were always on the prowl. Like instruments he played them to his favorite tune.

Passions will run wild, lust will take precedence, and secrets will come to light. These two must learn to trust each other, for they are all they got. With enemies lurking around every corner Collum finds himself relying on skills that he didn’t think he would ever need to use again. It is up to Sarah to uncover the truth and to learn that a dark heart can’t exist without light.


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