Heart of Steel

HEART OF STEEL OFFICIAL IVCharles Ryan Rochester was a cold-blooded killer. He was infamous for his blank eyes, cold demeanor and lack of humanity. Women were nothing but tools to aid him in his physical release. He had no need for them. The life of a mercenary was an isolated one—he liked it that way. He was surprised when the government came calling; in need of his services. This mission was unique; form a group of skilled men that would operate in shadows. It was a dream job come true.

Martha Vaughn came from old money. She was in the prime of her life and career. She was the most sought defense attorney in Washington. It could be that people were after her skill or they didn’t mind looking at a pretty face. Amber color eyes, thick blonde hair and shapely figure has helped her out on more than one occasion. Something was going on in Washington and she wanted in on the secrets. Her mission would lead her to a stoic man with electric blue eyes. She wanted to get to know the mystery man in more than one way.

One night at an evening dinner party changes everything. 

Release Date


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