A Heart Series Romance

An erotic modern romance about billionaires, mercenaries, and their counterparts.







Kiche Saga

A short story urban fantasy romance featuring gods and goddesses of  African descent, banding together to stop a rogue king god.

ascension-kiche-saga chaos-kiche-saga



Dragonault Chronicles

A fantasy romance about dragons, witches, and other supernatural creatures. Dragon s Secrets-FINAL



Tempestuous Series 

A teen fiction romance about first love. KISS OFFICIAL 1




A combination of romance: gift-of-pleasure-i






  1. hi miss🤗 i fell inlove with your work *heart of ice.. i wish i could have the completed story… please have mercy on me.. thank you in advance😘 create more books.. Godbless you..


  2. Hi! Your books have a great story. I just want to know if you have published already all the sequels of your heart series. I want to to have all the copies. I already bought the heart of ice. I love the stories. I want to know if the sequels are already for sale. Thank you in advance. I can’t wait for the next sequel. Hoping that they are now availble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoy my works! The other stories have not been published. Heart of Steel a prequel is in the editing stages and probably won’t be release until early 2018.


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