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Tired of the busy city life Samantha Hall moved into a quiet cottage home in the country where she could get some much-needed girl time. Things were easier here, simpler. She was safe here. No one would look for her here. Staying away from the opposite sex was simple and easy. She had no idea how wrong she would be when she met a rancher.


Andrew McGillan was a man of few words. After a few failed attempts at relationships, he stayed away from women. They were dishonest and for lack of better terms–trouble. He hadn’t met anyone that piqued his interest until he encountered a red hair beauty hiding on the outskirts of his land. He wanted to unwrap the mystery cloaking her and get rid of the haunted look in her eyes.


The Christmas holiday was approaching and he was in the mood of giving. What turned out to be a friendly encounter becomes a night of passions. What will happen when the sun rises and these two are left with nothing but the gift of passion they shared the night before? They will learn that they’ve found what they’ve been searching for.


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