Dragon’s Secrets


eBook: $2.99 USD / 9781311967725

Dragon s Secrets-FINAL Layla isn’t your typical seventeen-year-old. She’s level-headed and spends most of her time with her dad fishing. Fun, her idea of a good time. She’s never showed any interest in the opposite sex because she’s been dreaming of a guy since she was little—well his eyes anyway. What will happen when he starts talking back?

 Emry is the king of the dragon race. Since the last Great War, there have been talks of the dragon race going into extinction, because of the rumors the council insist on mating him with one of the yuries. He couldn’t help it, he nor his dragon were interested. They wanted their mate. Emry knew she would come. One day, during his morning routine, she stumbled into his mind. He caught her scent and instinctively connected with her.

 Thrust into a world, she knew nothing about Layla would learn that she is the most unique creature in all of creation—and there were those who would do anything to annihilate her. If the two halves of her soul don’t kill her first. Emry would have a fight on his hands like never before, as he faces off against, sorcerers, dragons and even gods to keep Layla by his side. Join them on their quest as the hunters become hunted.

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