I’ve come across these questions often.

1. Is Winter a standalone story?

No, Winter is the first book in a series. The book explores the relationships between various couples and how they came to be.

2. When will the next book in the Heart series become available?

The next book–a prequel is set for release in 2021.

3. What are you working on?

I am working on Born of Death. It is a dark young adult fantasy exclusively on Wattpad.

4. Soturi Academy-Secret’s Lost; Where can I find out more information about this book?

Soturi Academy is in the very early stages now. I have the synopsis and plot mapped out. I’ve started writing. I would like to have ninety-five percent of the book completed before I release any more information. I’m halfway there.

5. Where can I find Thirst the second book in the Tempestuous Series?

Thirst is currently in the first draft stages. Graduate school has kept me busy, thus a lot of my works in progress have been pushed back to accommodate my new schedule. Expect Thirst to be published sometime in 2022. I’m sorry!


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