Heart of Ice


eBOOK: $2.99 USD 9781310018350
Paperback: $9.99 USD ISBN/EAN13:1514783916 / 9781514783917

HEART OF ICE OFFICIAL II Christina Moore grew up as a child genius. Her parents need to exploit her talents exposed her to a cruel world at an early age. Emancipated, she completed her master’s degree at the age of 17 and her Doctorate at the age of 21. Working as an associate professor at the university she never had time for the opposite sex. One steamy night with handsome devil changed her life forever.

Billionaire Matt Dallas, was sick of women. They were nothing but a means to an end. He learned this lesson the moment he was born. Women were cunning and always had a hidden agenda. His old flame Natalia reinforced that lesson, leaving him with a broken heart and a dark perception of the world—it would take someone special to melt his icy heart. He didn’t think he’d change until he met a grey eye angel. 

When these two meet passions soar as they get lost in each other. Reality storms in reminding them of their lives outside of each other—all too soon they’re back to work with their memorable night lingering in their hearts and minds. What will happen when Matt discovers something so profound and life altering that it leaves him breathless. Read as they unearth a heart to find out that it is no longer full of ice.

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Join the conversation! 8 Comments

  1. Please send me a copy of Heart of ice.
    I fell in love with the 6 Chapters that was samples in Wattpad. I hope u’re still giving free copies for these Serie. Great work btw. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved the sample chapters you posted on wattpad. Can’t do without reading more! Please send me a free copy if you can! xx


  3. Read your free samples on Wattpad. Love your writting. Can’t wait to read it fully!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your work and im sad that ill just discover it today. But please have mercy on me please please…… can i have a complete copy of your story.


  5. Please send me complete of this story and don’t leave me hanging



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