The arrival into the 2018 year has brought about many changes, objectives and goals I want to achieve. I’m excited to continue the journey of the Nyotalites—Gods and Goddesses of stars descent with the release of Chaos. The second installment in Kiche saga. Meet Ander, he’s a bi-product of an ancient prophesy manipulated by rogue [...]


Our adventures continue in the second installment of the Kiche Saga. We encounter Ander...a half-star who's attempting to find himself within the Nyotalite Pantheon; while continuing the fight against the rogue king god Zadar. Check out god profiles here. Coming Soon!


Welcome the Nyotalites; gods and goddesses birthed from stars. When a prophecy from a long-lost tribe give way to a new God; watch as chaos, jealousy, rage and a little romance unfold as the Nyotalites fight to stop their pantheon from losing its light. A short story series featuring new mythology / urban fantasy of [...]